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Fbgasia 107 Fire Blanket


This type of fire blanket is a simple and convenient fire control instrument outfitted for enterprises, stores, vessels, autos and civil buildings. It is especially useful in household kitchen, hospitals, hotels, recreational

facilities and gas stations to block fire spreading and provide shield for safe evacuation. Having been specially treated, this fiberglass twill texture is very soft and compact. It is the most ideal and effective outer protective layer that can be used to wrap objects with rough surfaces and reused for several times when in good condition.


Technical Data

Material                                         Specially Treated Fiberglass

Composition                                   Glass Fabric

Melting Point                                  550°C

Nominal Weight                              430g/m2

Dimension                                     1.2m x 1.2m

Thickness                                      0.4mm appox

Hard Box Dimension                       295mm x 160mm x 35mm

Shelf Life                                       Indefinite


Fabric tested by PSB in accordance to BS 476: Part 7:1997