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Fulflon Joint Sealant

Innovation Gasketing for Large, Complex or Damaged Flanges.

Key Features

· 100% Expanded PTFE

· Chemically Inert

· Temperature / Creep / Cold Flow Resistant

· Zero Wastage

Key Benefits

· Low Stress to Seal

· Fast and Easy to Install

· Extremely Tight Seal

· Outstanding Versatility

· Lowers Total Sealing System Costs


Fulflon is made of 100% pure PTFE, expanded via a special process into a consistent, highly

fibrillated structure. Upon compression, the fibrils lock together to form a strong, uniform material

that is impervious to gases and liquids. The material is completely unaffected by virtually all media

and is incredibly resistant to creep, relaxation and cold flow inherent in other gasket materials,

especially virgin, or filled PTFE.


Fulflon is harmless, tasteless, odourless, taintless and non-toxic to human beings. In addition, it

cannot be affected by micro-organism and epiphyte.


Fulflon is FDA suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.


Fulflon is supplied in the form of a continuous cord with self-adhesive backing strip. It is highly

compressible, provides excellent sealing ability, conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces.

Compressing into a thin, wide ribbon, it produces a tough, inert, long lasting gasket that seals against

extremes of temperatures, pressures and corrosive media. Operating throughout the pH range,

resistant to thermal cycling and non-contaminating.


Fulflon can be used in any industry, sealing the simplest to the most difficult of gasket



Fulflon is also available in non-food grade.


Technical Data

Material:                                                     100% Expanded PTFE

Color:                                                          White

Maximum Working Temp:                         220°ʗ

Chemical Resistance:                                  0-14 pH, expect molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine

Tensile Strength:                                         4 MPa

Compressibility:                                          Up to 40%

Safety:                                                         Complies to FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 (PTFE) requirements for food

Standard Thickness:                                    3mm & 5mm (up to 10mm)

Standard Width:                                          5, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25mm (up to 100mm)

Standard Round Cords:                               Dia 3mm to 20mm


Size Availability for Fulflon Joint Sealant