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Temporary Facilities

Temporary Facilities such as portable cabin, modular house and prefrab steel house is widely used in any construction project. Depending on the sizes, life span application and requirement, we are able to offer and design according to preferences.


1) Portable Cabin

2) Modular House

3) Prefrab Steel house



Portable Cabin

     Mostly used in project site as all the components & parts are in standard size.

     It is composed of steel skid base which is surrounded by

protective color-coated steel sandwich panels.

     It can be quickly transported and used as accommodation & utilities.



     Site offices, first aid cabin,

living quarter, etc.

Service Life:

     5 to 10 years.


Standard Size for Portable Cabin:

        12 meter (L) x 3.75 meter (W)



Modular House

     It’s a prefabricated house but designed under new concept.

     Built on a lightweight steel skeleton surrounded by protective color coated steel sandwich panels.

     Easy assembled in modules with components screwed together.



     Temporary office, construction site office, warehouse, etc.


Service Life:

     5 to 10 years.



Prefab Steel House

     2012-12-16Fabricated house with steel frame structure.

     All components & parts need to prefabricated in factory before installation.

     Only required high-strength bolts to every joint.



     Warehouse, mess hall, Supermarket, etc.


Service Life:

     20 to 30 years.