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Pre-insulated Pipes

The preinsulated piping system consist of carbon steel as the core pipe with polyurethane foam insulation and high density polyethylene (HDPE)


It is very durable and versatile system and can cover virtually any diameter required by our clients.

Petrochemicals, Oil, Gas and Chilled Water often require special treatment in order to maintain their necessary properties and keep them fluid in case it is required. Our pipes have consistently met all the challenges, quality of the product, value for money and ensured minimum heat loss/gain which enabled our clients to low operating costs even over very long distances.


Core Pipe: The carbon steel core pipe can be seamless or welded (either longitudinally or spirally).

The pipes are conforming to ASTM A53 / API 5L grade B with beveled ends for welding joints or grooved ends for coupling joints. Prior to insulation, the steel pipe is grit blasted and coated. The blasting of pipes is done automatically using our blasting machine. The pipes are blasted to near white metal finish. Then, the pipes are coated by airless spray with self-priming Polyamide/Polyamine epoxy to a total DFT of 125 microns nominal. This gives our pipes a rust free outer surface.


Insulation: The thermal insulation shall be rigid cellular 100% CFC-free Polyurethane foam, as per EN 253 factory-injected between core pipe and outer casing. The density of the foam can be between 32 kg/m³ and 60 kg/m³ nominal depending on the client requirement. Thermal conductivity coefficient ( l 50) shall be 0.030 W/m.K (0.208 BTU-in/hr.ft² . F) maximum at a mean temperature of 24* C (75* F). Typical operating temperature is between -17 to +120°C (0 to 250°F).