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Auto Probe Tester System
Model : Corea-YS-01
Sawing 완료된 sensor 를 tray 적재된 상태에서 P&P 하여 Vacuum chuck으로 이동 하고 line scanner를 통해 sawing edge face 에 대해 양품 판정을 진행하며 양품에 대해서 추가적으로 probe pin검사를 통해 기능검사를 full automation으로 진행 하는 장비

       This model is the 1st prototype of the automated research equipment produced in collaboration with Prof. Youngil Kwon, Yonsei Univ. Essential mission of the machine is to validate 6,000 thinned silicon pixel sensors with dimensions 30,000 micron x 15,000 micron x 50 micron for ITS upgrade of the ALICE experiment at CERN ( The pixel sensor is an image sensor fabricated with the CMOS image sensor technology, and has digital input/output channels including 1.2 Gb/s serial port and analog input/output channels.

       For each operation cycle, Corea-YS-01 picks up a sensor from the pre-defined sensor tray and position it to the chuck with tiny vacuum holes up to the precision of 30 micron, and performs visual inspection of the sensor via machine vision while logging the result into the user data base. Then, Corea-YS-01 lowers the probecard with 5 micron precision up until it contacts the sensor. Once contact is established, user test instructions can be sent to Corea-YS-01 via USB 3.0 connection, and Corea-YS-01 performs the test. When this test completes, the sensor returns to tray and new cycle starts.

       The prototype shows a strength of C-on, the close cooperation with the companies equipped with the advanced technologies. We recognize GLIM co. for machine vision, NOTICE co, for prober board electronics, and EQENG co. for prober needles, all of which were necessary element in the development of Corea-YS-01.

Equipment Dimensions (mm) 1400 X 1100 X 1800 (W * D * H)
Weight (kg) Approx. 900Kg
Material Configuration Aluminium + Steel
Shape Steel
Capacity Tact Time (s) 30 sec
Loading - P&P - Line scanner - Probe pin - Unloading
Utility Input Power AC 220V 50/60Hz 1P
Air Pressure Air : 4.0 ~ 5.0Kg/f
* 본 제품에 대해 (주)씨온테크는 산업재산권 관련법에 의한 보호를 받고 있습니다.